Dermot has suffered from anxiety and panic attacks.

In the following, he shares his personal experiences dealing with difficult emotions.

His personal history sheds light on mindfulness as a tool to deal with anxiety and fear.

If you suffer severe psychological difficulties please reach out for professional help!

Every emotion – no matter how difficult – is impermanent and it is not you.

Dermot will point you in a direction that might help you transform your suffering.

Part 1: Managing Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Personal experiences and the development of a wellness toolbox: „Sensing Unanxiety“

Dermot describes the key as the ability to hold the emotion without trying to change it.

Part 2: Causes and Conditions for Anxiety

In this second video, Dermot shares the reasons that – from his point of view – have contributed to his anxiety.

Part 3: Dealing with Moments of Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Sensing anxiety Dermot tries to become aware of his body, of where he is and of his breath.

This raising of awareness helps him to ground himself in the present moment.

Thanks to Dermot

Thanks and gratitude to Dermot for his practice and this beautiful sharing.

May it help many people transform their suffering by managing their anxiety, fear and panic attacks.

May all beings be able to hold their difficult emotions without trying to change them!

I know you are there and I am very happy 🙂


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